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Welcome to Create Technique Nicely, our world of programming, a place to find healthy alternatives to digest all the programming food you crave!

My name is Kaushik Mitra and I’m the  founder of this compelling blog, and your boon companion, henceforth. At the age of 13, I was gifted my first Technical Buddy (my PC!). With that being believed, I couldn’t resist the temptation of knowing my own buddy and started discussing and exploring, soon. And then, the fun began; didn’t know why but I thought of diving into the willing-exploring-designing-and-implementing world of programming, which apparently, proved to be a great fun.

I, now, believe that programming is a beautiful thing, an art of combining ideas and technology to build your own world. Had never been possible? Now it is…with so many languages willing to have chat with you.

There-is-an-I-in-TEAM_73688c54-07a7-41de-be61-0576cd5d83fb1You are creative, aren’t you? You like the fascinating world of games, you want to make others see what you are capable of. Care to deny? No, you won’t. That’s why I’ve always likened programming to writing a book or painting a picture or scripting a movie. However, I warn you that learning to program isn’t trivial. Or is it? Well, to be precise, developing your own world out of those cute-and-simple programs isn’t trivial at all. In fact, it can sometimes be quite frustrating. How far you take this journey is up to you, I’m here just to share my experiences of becoming a programmer and guide the “I” within a “TEAM” and you know what I’m serving for the whole team.

 untitledWell, perhaps, this is where most of us get stuck. And the answer hides itself behind the phrase “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”. It’ll take time, that you’re willing to give…to utilize the power of answer. With Create Technique Nicely I hope to show you how easy it can be to make simple changes that will reflect in your healthy thinking of programming. I am here to guide you to make quick and easy programs, with much detailed explanations than those available on other sites (umm…blogs indeed), which eventually becomes healthy for you and your processor (up there)! And wait…don’t be dismayed at all if you already have programming experience, I do have a lot to say about “tricky” things in it.

Let’s code, let’s create from fuzzy ones to fizzy ones and nail the mysteries of computer languages.

Enjoy creating, with nice techniques!

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